VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server your ultimate solution to break free of the unstable network overload and server crunches during peak hours. Being a small to mid-size business owner VPS is the best solution to offer you dedicated services that are meant just for you. Even if you share the physical server, your VPS simply works for your websites’ hosting needs within a small budget.

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Cloud Hosting

When there is a powerful cloud to get hold of system downtime, low bandwidth and network overloads then there is little option to lag behind any completion with your business rivals. Cloud hosting services are known to disburse the pressure from an overloaded or faulty server to others on the same cloud without hampering the performance of the sites hosted across the server.

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Dedicated Servers

Multiply the speed at which your websites run with our top notch Dedicated Servers. These servers have high bandwidth and maximum server uptime up to 99%, so that you stop at nothing. Faster servers make websites hosted on them to perform operations quicker. Faster running websites with our dedicated hosting servers are sure to boost your business.

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Linux Hosting

Highly scalable, secure and super flexible web hosting services in India are no more a far cry, with our efficiently designed web hosting packages that are powered with Linux Web Hosting Servers. You can get dedicated as well as VPS hosting servers to host your websites and we have the most affordable Linux Cloud hosting services.

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Excellent Solution For Your Business

Linux Hosting

Lanos Technologies emerges as the impeccable solution for your all round Website Hosting solutions available across India. We are one of the most appreciated Indian companies that offers tailor made as well as ready to serve plans and packages that can transform the field of Website Hosting India. Being one of the popular and sought after companies, we are based in the financial capital of India and cater to the worldwide clientele with best in the industry services. You just name a web hosting service and we are ready with the platter to offer you the most suitable one for your business. We believe in creating unbeatable services and products that can make you, lead any online competition relevant to your niche. Our talented team of professionals is glued in creating out of the box ideas and techniques, to implement in the business solutions we are offering you. With our Cloud Hosting and Dedicated hosting over windows or Linux Hosting servers, you are sure to get maximum benefits in your business.

Our innovative ideas with perfectly crafted plans and packages are definitely able to boost the growth of your website, as we offer completely reliable and trustworthy web hosting solutions that are known to skyrocket any business depending on them. Being of the top of your business means having ample back up for it and we are there to smooth out your tough struggle, offering you both dedicated and cloud hosting services as per your business requirement. Exploring the extremes in Information Technology and allowing you to experience the latest technological advancements that can grow your business multifold. With our timeless solutions that complete your business demands, promote your business with secured Dedicated Hosting in India and all over the world.

Website Hosting doesn’t always bring desired results, but when you have a friend like us who can multiply your success rate and let you get hold of the market in your niche. Dedicated web hosting or cloud hosting servers, our hosting plans make sure that you avail the most efficient servers for your business. With such dedicated services meant just for you, there is no way your websites are going to suffer in the long run. Years of experience and our pool of talented staffing is strengthening our positive impact on the market.

Dedicated web hosting servers are famous for their ability of supporting huge inbound traffic, as well as network loads and congestions allowing the websites hosted on them to perform at their best. Having services over a dedicated web hosting system your websites are safe from any malicious attacks across the internet. The advantages doesn’t end here, as your websites have the privilege of being hosted over a single dedicated server, they handle more visitors and cater your customers or clients faster. Whatever be the amount of web traffic, a dedicated webhosting system can smartly handle it without retaining any stress over your website. Outcomes of your business never get affected by any kind of server issues, when your sites are playing safe with us. All these things signify only one thing, your sales graph keeps moving northwards. You get to choose the operating system and hardware for website hosting along with other software and software tools. Dedicated hosting services are very flexible as the clients get complete control over the servers.

Cloud hosting is added as the new feather to the hat that proudly showcased dedicated and VPS web hosting servers in recent years. No doubt this latest web hosting server has taken the market in to a whirlpool of new and more capable possibilities. Under cloud hosting you don’t avail the services of a single web hosting server but a network of servers that work in synch with each other. Cloud hosting manages web traffic and network loads very efficiently with the unique way work in perfect co-ordination. Websites hosted over these servers are the luckiest ones to beat any issues on the web than the sites hosted with ordinary webhosting. Our cloud services one of the premier services across India and there is a large number of clients already lining up to avail it ASAP.

Cloud hosting services are cost effective, reliable, secure, easily maintainable and perfectly scalable with agile infrastructures that can be easily adopted by the users. When website faces huge web traffic or network overload and in the brink of crashing down, as the server becomes unable to handle the pressure. The load is transferred to another server and makes the job easier for the first server. Always the free servers in a cloud hosting system take care of the overloads and let the websites hosted upon them to function smoothly. Website hosting under Cloud hosting system is always on the go and the websites are the top performers among their competitors, as they never face any downtime or bandwidth issues due to cloud that protects it from all the evil. Server, networking and storage facilities are at their best and ensure maximum ROI for the business running over the websites.

Even though we used to offer windows based hosting services, due to huge demand of clients we launched our Linux Hosting services that are equally powerful for the businesses running over it. Linux Servers are open source and hence are cheaper than the windows servers. Their plus points are not limited to the cost constraints only; they are the most reliable server operating systems used worldwide. We host your websites over completely secured Linux Hosting servers that offer you the ease to have your desired databases, programming language support as well as hardware infrastructure that has the capacity to transform your business taking it to new heights of success. Both dedicated and VPS hosting services are available with our Linux web hosting servers and we keep upgrading our infrastructure to serve you better in coming days.