Why Join Us

Why Join Us

Over at Lanos, we're constantly testing the waters for enthusiastic individuals, intent on honing their skill-set in an environment of infinite opportunities. Our foremost priority is ensure that every member of our team is thoroughly content in their respective sphere of work and looks forward to the exciting challenges ahead.

Our crew likes to keep things interesting, which is why you will be exposed to a plethora of diverse projects that summons forth your inner creativity. Lively brainstorming sessions and interactive discussions over steaming mugs of delicious coffee guarantee that there isn’t a dull moment in the office.

Individual initiative is never glossed over at Lanos. We appreciate anyone that brings something stimulating to the table. If you’re a natural born leader or even an eccentric introvert, there’s a place waiting for you on our team. We’re quick to spot potential and will help elevate your career to greater heights.

Teamwork is integral to the way things work around here. Our experienced and capable veterans are more than happy to lend a hand should you face any hitches along the way. Your journey at Lanos Technologies promises to be an absolutely enriching experience. If you like the sound of that, buckle up because we can’t wait to have you on board!

Career Growth and Opportunities

Career Growth & Opportunities

Forging a lasting impression in the cut-throat world of digital marketing and web hosting presents colossal challenges. This calls upon the inventiveness and resourcefulness of every team member. At Lanos, you will have the opportunity to manoeuvre through unfamiliar avenues of work and explore a wide spectrum of challenges.

You get to cast your lot in with some of the most talented people in the industry. Learning first-hand just how the entire process functions is a valuable experience worth cashing in on. If you display exceptional prowess in your assigned field, you will receive opportunities to grow and develop exponentially.

Regardless of your chosen career path, we endeavour to train and cultivate your skills to the best of our abilities. You’ll come to find that our synergetic work culture paves the way for a flourishing career in the future.

Induction and Training Programs

Induction & Training Programs

Our initial probation program is crafted to help ripen your confidence and kindle a progressive mindset. You‘ll get the four one one on how everything works along with a run-down of all the fun events we have planned for the year.

Although we’re perceived to be a bunch of no-nonsense white-collar suits, we love stirring things up and having insanely competitive spitballing sessions that lead to unexpected slices of inspiration. We encourage every newbie to be as ingenious as possible. Nothing is too far-fetched as long as we’re concerned!

As soon as you enter into our fold, we’ll set you up with something creative that tests your abilities and know-how. The best part is, you won’t be alone! You’ll be working alongside plenty of other driven aspirants who are just as eager to innovate and create something amazing.

Once you prove that you’re made of the right mettle we’re looking for, it’s all smooth sailing from there. Exciting projects and responsibilities will come your way. At Lanos Technologies, we believe that infinite possibilities are unleashed with a single idea.

If you're up for a journey that challenges the status quo and lays the foundation for a thrilling career ahead, you know what to do.

Job Openings And Internships

Social Media Copywriter/Content Writer/ Digital Content Specialist

Content Writer

Job Description

Have you always had a way with words but never an opportunity to set the page on fire? Do you have a burning desire to drive the crowds crazy with eloquent and original content, courtesy of your creativity? If so, this is your shot! Let your imagination soar to breathtaking heights and leave the world marvelling at your unique brand of talent. Lanos Technologies is now hiring content writers for its websites, social media outlets and blogs! You'll be exposed to a diverse range of projects that will challenge every ounce of ingenuity you own and inspire a whole new generation of readers.

The ideal candidate would have the following prerequisites: -Immaculate written and verbal communication skills

-An abhorrence to lazy grammar and weak syntax

-A keen understanding of SEO based content creation

-A reasonable familiarity of the Internet, Google Docs and MS Office

-A knack for mainstream social media platforms

-Ability to research topics independently and create original content based thereon

-A creative perspective and the capacity to compose persuasive as well as concise matter

-A trail blazer with an insane urge to constantly innovate and learn new things

-An impressive proofreading and editing know-how

-A person of action with an eye for detail and a demeanour for deadlines

If you think you've got the above qualifications in the bag, take a look at some of the exciting stuff you'll be involved in:

-Brainstorming with enthusiastic team-mates to deliver outstanding content

-Adding your own unique spin on articles for innumerable blogs and websites

-Collaborating closely with other departments to concoct awe-inspiring concepts, strategies and ideas

-Unbelievable opportunities to grow and develop beyond your initial niche if you display exceptional prowess in your work

Key Skills: Digital Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Online Branding and Reputation Management, SEO

We welcome veterans and newbies alike. If you have prior experience in this field then we'd love to read some of your original content. Send it in! You could even send us links to your articles on live websites, blogs, etc.

Experience: 0-2 years

Location: Santacruz (West)

Education: Graduation (any discipline)

Linux Server Administrator

Linux Administrator
Job Description

The ideal candidate will display a high proficiency in the following platforms:

  • CentOS (Relevant experience in RedHat/CloudLinux, Ubuntu/Debian also considered a plus point)

  • PLESK, cPanel, DirectAdmin, SolusVM, Webmin

  • VZ/OpenVZ, VMWare, CloudStack, Xen, and more

  • Technical Performance: Practice the highest levels of competency, effective analysis, and documentation; use technical knowledge to diagnose problems with systems when they occur while interacting with customers

  • Maintain a high level of productivity

  • Contribute to the company's and department's documentation efforts

  • Adhere to the policies and procedures of the company

Candidates must also have fluent English and stellar communication skills. Tasks will vary depending on assigned clients. These include supporting clients through help desks, email, Skype and other methods.

Location: Santacruz, Mumbai

Compensation: Salaried, Lodging

Technical Requirements: RHCE or higher, 50+ Words Per Minute (Typing Speed)

Professional Requirements: 2+ years in the Linux Server Administration field

Educational Requirements: Bachelor's Degree in an IT or Engineering field. Exceptions can be made in cases of impressive knowledge about the above mentioned systems.

Key Skills: RHCE, Linux, CentOS, RedHat, Debian, VMWare, cpanel, Ubuntu, PLESK, , "Direct Admin", "Solus VM", Webmin, "VZ/Open VZ", VMWare, cloudstack, Xen

Life At Lanos

Life At Lanos

Our million dollar concoction for success is actually pretty simple. We blend together a team of like-minded individuals with unified ambitions and fold in (but do not stir) a hint of unpredictability. Sprinkle in an enjoyable working habitat, a sprig of insanely entertaining downtime sessions and season with a healthy dollop of caffeine and you’ve pretty much got a recipe to die for.

Every member among our numbers is a valued asset. We couldn’t even fathom a world without these upbeat and inspiring individuals. In the somewhat sober confines of the technological cosmos, things can get a little tedious every now and then. Which is why, we relish breaking free from our proverbial pigeon-hole.

Over time, we’ve come to find that our productivity is at its peak when we’re huddled together in the cosy conference room with the A.C. on full blast and an intricate doodle on the corner of the drawing board. Ideas and opinions are never in short supply during these powwows. All we ask for from our team is hard work and an eagerness to learn something new everyday. Besides these two key elements, the world at Lanos is your oyster with unlimited possibilities on the horizon.

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

We revel in some much needed fun in-between strenuous work marathons at Lanos. It’s pretty easy to get caught up in a stockpile of urgent papers and lose all track of time. To ensure that you don’t drown in a sea of post-its while being blinded by your computer screen, we plan some amazing events throughout the year to take a load off.


A bi-monthly event where there’s movies, popcorn and laughter. We throw the field wide open and ask all our members to vote in with their favourite film. Based on popular demand, we settle on a great movie and voila! - a fun-filled evening awaits.


We have plenty of themed events on special occasions throughout the year. Nothing catches our fancy like a great costume, dazzling lights and loads of colourful streamers around the office. Come Halloween, Christmas, Diwali and the likes, we go all out on festivities!


Needless to say, we take birthdays pretty seriously around here. The office is swiftly and expertly transformed into a wonderland of tinsel, balloons, cake, lanterns, ‘Happy Birthday’ motifs, collage cards, cake, presents, streamers, confetti, props and cake. Did we mention cake? Nobody can party it up quite like we do!


Every month or so, we throw an impromptu potluck party. All our members are free to bring creative dishes of their choosing to the table. We’ve seen some pretty splendid cuisines and mouthwatering delicacies at our previous potlucks. This is probably the most anticipated monthly affair.


Occasionally, we like to take ourselves outside the confines of the office and live a little. We host a ballot amongst our members to decide the most popular place to visit. It’s the one day in the year where all bets are off and everyone is guaranteed to have an absolute blast!

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