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Indiana Data Center Services

We have multiple datacenters across Indian offering web hosting and support services to a huge clientele along with on-net datacenter services. Our datacenters are stable and reliable, offering creative and innovative solutions that leave you satisfied with the datacenter services, and making your business grow unbelievably. We are available 24 x 7 to assist you with your data center requirements, and will be happy to help you take the big leap towards success. You can get in touch with our representatives through our contact page and let them help you in the transition or to render support for services without any hesitation.

Highlights on our Datacenter

With a widespread infrastructure, our data center is one of its kinds in Indiana offering timeless solutions to a huge clientele.

With a highly managed gigabit infrastructure with redundant networks the data center runs at its best to facilitate top notch services for clients.

Dark fiber and OC-X multicarrier networks work wonders for the data center and services that depend on it.

Round the clock controlled access to the data center is the best way for monitoring and managing anything that may seem vital to take care of.

Wisely managed and perfectly positioned motion sensing system, digital surveillance and manned security with biometric security system to keep every move recorded and stay alert about possible infiltration by intruders. This establishes a fully secure system to guard the data center round the clock successfully, protecting your as well as our vital data regarding our business.

Perfect HVAC system that monitors and manages humidity, air conditioning, cooling and heating facility in the datacenter redundantly.

Diesel generator as well as powerful UPS, for automatic power backup during unexpected power failures that render perfect solutions, without interrupting the performance of applications running with the datacenter. It protects all data of clients and accelerates the work on progress without pausing them, preventing huge losses in business.

Standby diesel generators are on the site with fully loaded tanks, to run the data center up to 48 hours without needing refueling, in case there is a power failure. This makes sure that even if there is power failure no application and services are interrupted, either for clients or our own services.

UPS are placed in intelligently designed infrastructure to offer trouble free service when the power shuts for some uneventful reason. Till the generator starts the UPS manages to get hold of the power facility.

Power reliability is at the best due to active monitoring and testing of the system, so that there is never a moment that stops any application.

Keycard and biometric scanners at the entry point ensures unauthorized entry to the data center. It is best to prevent theft and loss of data stored in our datacenters keeping everyone’s business completely safe and intact.

Round the clock digital surveillance along with manned security is for the best of everyone having their business with our datacenter.

Background verification and complete screening is done before we employ our staff at the datacenters, as we are responsible for the safe keep of your vital business data and our own business goals.

N+1 redundant air conditioning is available to run during generator usage, in order to avoid more power consumption that can put a load on the generator and make it run for a short duration.

Humidity and temperature is well controlled at 70 degrees and 50% respectively, so that there is no problem with the HVAC system that can interrupt the performance of facilities within the datacenter.

Air handlers are on motion to keep the air-quality well maintained and offer almost a dust and particle free environment, where the equipments within the datacenter run at their best offering world class services to the clientele in a 24 X 7 environment.