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Pennyslvania Network Datacenter Services

Our high end Data center is well equipped with the best infrastructure. It has the entire essential aspects that ensure high performance for all your vital online applications and services that might affect your business outturns as well as clients’ business. The features and services offered by Network Operations Center are elaborated below for your convenience.

Features that make our Network Operations Center to be at the Top

Connectivity that Never leaves you alone

Our network is connected with 10-Gigabit Ethernet Wavelength handoffs over dual path DWDM fiber-optic or redundant transport connections with ZayoÔ  Bandwidth and ZOÔ Communications. Fiber from FrontierÔ Communication and VerizonÔ is widely available with our networks. Our network presently connects us across Pennsylvania. From a varied range of providers we obtain multiple 10-Gigabit or Gigabit transit circuits that are essential to maintain top notch networks those are meant just to serve your business needs online. To maintain perfect redundancy Lanos Technologies runs over Broader Gateway Routing Protocol commonly known BGP4 that takes great care to facilitate maximum uptime and high speed connectivity across our networks. During network troubles, in case a line fails to support then the load is balanced and taken care by the others over the setup. During peak hours, if the load gets out of hand and network congestion occurs then the traffic is smartly managed without any delay. Currently we are in negotiation with other additional major providers who can provide backbone for opening POP3 at our Pennsylvania data center. Lanos Technologies stands our as the only major data center offering the most vouched services which any datacenter can offer on that area.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

We secured out data center with 3-phase power supply that runs our Network Operations Center round the clock, without any power failure all because of Pennsylvania Power & Electric. We have ample backup to manage worst case scenarios with the help of multiple 275KVA and other wide range of IPSs that supply power to our Power Distribution Units (PDU).

In case at some point there is no way out to tackle the power issues we have high power diesel generators that auto-start to offer essential power in our datacenter. Automatic transfer panels are there to work in synch with the generators and make the proper interface between power grids and the generators. Because of this there is no issue regarding power transmission from the generator to each facility. Our diesel generators have multiple onsite fuel tanks that keep them well stocked, hence the generators can run uninterrupted for almost 48 hours without needing refueling.

Infrastructure (Environment)

Well managed and efficiently Network Operations Center is what we thrive to maintain, so that no clients face any problem with their business sites at any point. With a perfectly maintained HVAC system our data center is definitely going places to grab deals from our clients. Air conditioning system with precision controlling and raised floors, along with fast mission critical servers and necessary equipments our Network Operation Center stands out as the best option across the place. These are monitored and controlled by high end dual compressor redundant systems that provide the cleanest environment. Equipped with heat, ventilation, air-quality and humidity regulated infrastructure these systems offer almost a particle free and dust free atmosphere for computing.

Security to Prevent Malicious Attacks

The Network Operations Center is enabled with restricted access and strictly monitored by highly qualified and trained personnel round the clock. Visitors and Clients are allowed onsite only with Network Operations Center staffs’ escort, so that there is no chance of uneventful mishaps to take place and create a threat to loss of data and business for the client and our business. Fire and security alarms are placed wisely to get timely response, in case the security is breached at any level for whatever reasons and centralized monitoring is done for our complete data center 24 X 7. Our customers and clients get advanced firewall protection, intrusion and encryption detection along with various other security measures. Our data center is covered with complete digital surveillance system that records onsite and offsite activities for security measures keeping our Network Operations Center safe and best.

Backup to Keep your Data Safe

All our shared web hosting clientele get automatic backup services for their websites’ data. For dedicated and VPS clients these services are available optionally. Our Linux and Windows web hosting systems preserve client data files and server system files in zipped formats in order to facilitate easy server rebuilding. We even offer remote or offset backup services to our clients and maintain their business in the safest possible environment.

Round the Clock Monitoring

Industry standard Simple Network Management protocol (SNMP) is what we use for offering 24 X 7 monitoring for all hardware, including switches, UPS systems, routers and servers at our Network Operations Center. Our data center even monitors the environmental factors like humidity and temperature, along with power, network connections and generator status. Vitally critical services and ports are manageable with our smart systems stationed within the data center. The system can keep a tab on SMTP, HTTP, FTP, SSH, HTTPS, POP3 and TELNET with great ease and efficiency, so that all the services can be smoothly rendered to our clients and prevent any kind of interruption to their business growth.

Our clients get the best communication constantly with our high end backbone providers who offer high-performance internet connections. We offer network monitoring for internet connectivity including routers, switches and wiring as well as internet backbone and Local Area Networks. In case any monitoring system fails at any moment of the day our monitoring systems automatically activates audible alarms, send LAN messages and alerts our staff through paging them the system failure. You get remote cool boot hardware with a dedicated server along with password protected and private, web based access that ensures your business site is perfectly secured and have high performing environment that has the potential to transport it to new successful avenues.


With the best hardware in the industry our Network Operations Center is becoming the most sought after option for business owners. Our network is present over high end border or core routers with 4900M switches connecting to the series aggression switches using Gigabit Ethernet. Well managed distribution switches manage the stability and power of the internal network that operates at a very high bandwidth switched Ethernet connection. Our network system is protected from the threat of Distributed Denial of Service attacks that can hamper the performance and security aspects of the servers present there. All the big names in hardware for computing, power supply, backup and surveillance are involved to assist us in keeping our data center safe from possible hazards and data loss.


Our Network Operations Center runs on Linux OS as it is known as the most efficient system with the best configuration across leading servers available on the market. Linux systems are faster than most leading OS and are more stable to offer interrupted services round the clock. These Linux servers can even run for around a year even without a reboot, due to the specially programmed system they have. With compatible web servers like Apache the Linux OS runs very smoothly.

Rest of the servers usually operate on Microsoft Windows server OS with Internet Information ServerÔ web server offering a database simplifying system that can simplify the database, visual effect programming as well as applications for better performance. Almost every make of control panels are compatible with our systems and impart the best possible services with each coming day.