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Vast World of Opportunities With Cloud Hosting From Lanos Technologies

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Lanos Technologies has introduced the multifaceted features of Cloud Hosting in India, creating ultimate web hosting packages that are capable of transforming a dull lying business to a booming enterprise within no time. Cloud hosting services are the most scalable options in web hosting in and out of India, offering you the freedom of choosing what you need and pay accordingly. Rather than opting for services where you are charged for a fixed amount of resources whether you use them or not.

The architecture of cloud hosting is designed beautifully to work in perfect synchronization with the clients’ websites even at the worst situations on the web. No server crash and downtime is going to affect your website’s performance if it is hosted over our secured Cloud hosting servers. Cloud hosting is a unique approach clustering multiple physical servers that manage the load of faulty servers and keep the business uninterrupted for the websites hosted across it. Isn’t it the most desired feature, one would desire for his business, so that it can run uninterrupted.

Assume your website running at its peak on a bright business day and suddenly the server crashes, preventing all your clients and customers to reach you. This would definitely make your day the gloomiest day and leave you frustrated. With a reliable Cloud hosting company in India you can certainly wrap up these kinds of issues and accelerate business growth day by day. You can upgrade or cut short the amount of resources within a cloud hosting service.

You never pay for something you never used in a cloud hosting system. Resources that are consumed by your website are only chargeable, instead of paying a huge bill for unused storage spaces.

Data redundancy is among the most loved features of Cloud Hosting, as the host saves your data on multiple machines at a time. In case a single machine crashes or is unable to respond, you are still able to retain your data on other machines without losing anything even if for a fraction of seconds. The cloud would keep your data securely afloat, so that you can get it any moment you want.

With a Cloud Hosting server you rarely face any downtime and network troubles, as the cloud manages every network and server along with the websites over them. Smooth management with managed hosting and complete root or administrative level access boosts the popularity of the websites hosted across them, drawing more business deals for the client.

Unlimited domains, instant reboot, backup restore facility, IMAP, SMTP and POP3 accounts, MySQL, PHP, Mail server and most of the latest features in web hosting are available with Lanos Technologies. It makes your cloud hosting a fun filled business endeavor, where you keep climbing the steps of success day in and day out. Getting access to high end CPU, ample disk space band width, desired amount of RAM, reliable and secure OS of your choice, fault tolerance systems, database support, free setup, maximum uptime and 24 X 7 technical support are the key factors involved with any cloud hosting package that you buy from us. Your websites and the servers are monitored round the clock to keep a tab on anything that might go wrong and cause you severe losses, even if our cloud manages everything on its own. Through an automatic system these system failures are handled efficiently to prevent any data losses or website activities.

Honeypot, honeynet and honeyfarms are established to keep the malicious programs and spam away from our cloud. Firewalls are put across them so that hackers are unable to access our networks through them. This set up looks very attractive and informative to hackers and they get diverted to these networks in spite of attacking our real cloud networks. We are the only cloud hosting company in India securing out networks with these honeypots, honeynets and honefarms.

As per the services rendered to clients cloud hosting can be of the following types; here the classification typically involves the mode of service.

Platform as a Service (IAAS) involves the principles of Cloud hosting to render hardware based services to the clients. This includes disk storage along with virtual servers. Most of the leading vendors across the world use these IAAS services.

Platform as a Service (PAAS) offers platform development over the cloud. All the platforms may not be compatible with each other. The computing platform as well as stack of solution is here offered to clients in the form of services. Software and the underlying hardware are managed strategically under a PaaS. Application development, designing, deployment, hosting and testing can be done with a PaaS system. These act as integrated solutions over the internet and facilitate complete life cycle building and delivering web applications and services available on the web. Google App is the best example of PaaS system.

Software as a Service (SAAS) is the widely used cloud hosting facility where complete software is offered over the cloud. Consumers access these software applications on pay per use basis or you can say pay as you go.

Cloud hosting is basically of 4 types as per the way they are used;

Public Cloud
Private Cloud
Hybrid Cloud
Community Cloud

Public Cloud hosting services in India hosts software, hardware and applications on a location other than the physical property of the client. The service provider is responsible for the infrastructure and services over the server, the client can’t see the web hosting infrastructure on the cloud. It is shared between multiple clients.

Private Cloud hosting services in India are branching rapidly as web owners want to maximize their success ratio and improve their websites’ performance. These are dedicated to specific clients and work for them only, without sharing with anyone else. These can be hosted externally or within the premises. These are considered to be, secure than public cloud hosting systems.

Hybrid clouds are a combination of public and private hosting for different kind of services and its uses. Private clouds are meant for critical and secured application hosting of any organization, whereas less critical ones are hosted over public clouds. Combining them is done with hybrid clouds, where cloud bursting is done to set up a unique system of cloud management. With cloud bursting organizations utilize their own infrastructure during off-peak hours and clouds during peak hours to handle the load.

Community Clouds are basically for a community within an organization, where people within the organization can share the data but no outsider can have access to the information across the cloud. Just like government agencies across a city can share a cloud for office use but other agencies would be restricted to peek inside.