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Dedicated Server India

You always keep a watchful eye on your websites, if you are not sure about the SEO Hosting service provider or the SEO package you have subscribed. Now you don’t have to bother about anything else, as your business sites are well secured with our Dedicated Hosting Server. Dedicated Server Hosting is vouched as the most reliable services that offers dedicated and secured services to all your websites and help you gain more profits. At Lanos Technologies you get the best services from dedicated servers with comparatively less expenses.

When you own a large business corporation that demands more security and control over the server then Dedicated Server Hosting is the perfect fit. You get to have personalized features with the server that is tailored specifically to suit your business needs. The technical support team at our organization is always on the go to help you out, in case you face any issues with our dedicated server hosting products.

The best thing about a Dedicated Server is, it caters to a single client at a time and hence has more facilities to uplift his business. With a dedicated server hosting plan the client gets a WHM account so that he can manage the multiple cPanels, unlimited domains, sub domains, add-on domains, PHP, MySQL database, email accounts and so many other facilities to accelerate the business growth. You get the facility to install software applications that are essential for your business.

Under a Dedicated Server Hosting Plan, you get ample bandwidth that helps your websites run smoothly even at the peak hours while visitors, upload and download any information to and from your website. Server uptime is another essential feature that you get with our dedicated hosting server; this makes sure that you never face any trouble in business due to server downtime. Server uptime above 99% is assured, when you have a dedicated server that takes care of your entire business site and its relevant data. Hosting your websites over a dedicated server brings lot of web traffic and visitors, which can turn out to be your prospect customers or clients in the long run.

In a Dedicated Server Hosting plan Disk space, CPU usage, RAM, Hard disk, Bandwidth and other server resources are not shared with other people; hence your websites are completely safe from any malicious attacks that might ruin your hard work.  As your websites work at the best of their ability and visitors with search spiders can easily crawl through them, these sites get featured at the top of leading SERPs. With high page ranks over leading search engines of the world, your sites get maximum online exposure and save you the trouble of advertisement and brand promotion. At the end of all this you get lots of business deals that earn you considerable ROI from your business.

Dedicated Servers are meant to offer clients, the most of every possible hosting services and our servers stand up to the promises we make. Our technical team is always eager to assist you along your journey, so that you get on with your business without missing out anything. Dedicated servers are known to be very expensive, but our servers are worth a try with their exclusive features and services that skyrocket your business within a short span of time.

There is no other way to combat the trouble of over loading traffic to your business site, unexpected break downs and spam attacks that cause a threat to your business and can hamper vital information about your clients. When you feel that it’s high time to roll out your business sites to a safe and reliable service provider, then Lanos Technologies is at your call to assist you on the transition. Our experienced professionals can help you in the migration process of your, websites and relevant data to our dedicated servers.

These servers are highly reliable and cost effective for large corporations that manage so many departments under them. With a dedicated server managing the entire organization becomes very easy and synchronized. Our Dedicated Server Hosting is your ticket to success that is going to bring you unlimited business deals and revenues without much effort.