Opt for our Supercharged Linux Web Hosting Servers & Feel the Difference

Linux web hosting India

We at Lanos Technologies offer the most affordable and easy to adapt Linux hosting servers available across India, with world class services that have the potential to transform our clients’ website visibility on the web. It enables them to skyrocket their enterprises on the way of new developments and business gains.

Managing Linux Hosting in India is very affordable as the maintenance and cost of operation is far lower than other servers. Linux Web hosting is known to be faster and stable as the servers are less prone to server crashes. Sometimes cheap Linux hosting services in India are far more capable of running processes and services faster than windows servers.

LAMP is known as the main concept behind Linux Web Hosting, India and the world as well is booming with the well crafted services it is offering to the online world. Linux Apache MySQL and PHP in short is known as LAMP. Linux Web Hosting India or anywhere across the globe brings out best results for the business owners with our Dedicated, VPS or Cloud hosting packages.

Linux Cloud Hosting is now warming up the web hosting marketing in India. That doesn’t mean that the world is not cashing on the benefits that a cloud hosting Linux server holds within. Linux web hosting with a cloud server are the best bet for any website that experience heavy inbound traffic and plenty of visitors accessing it 24 X 7. These servers are usually pre-configured for web hosting services, as they come with regularly updated features as well as easy to use software repositories. When a single Linux server faces network overloads then other servers on the network would balance the load by distributing it over a free server, without causing any damage to your website or data involved in it.

Either you are business user, web designer or home user, we have well suited plans for everyone willing to try our Linux hosting services in a cost effective manner. Linux web hosting servers at Lanos Technologies are capable of managing, giant database driven ecommerce sites as well as minute single page websites with the same care and responsibility to draw more business for you.

Our Linux Web hosting packages consist of the best services in India, offering more flexibility and security to your business. Typically our products include sufficient web space, databases, Bandwidth, FTP, website builder, one click install software applications and a lot more with enhanced security aspects.

We offer world class managed web hosting dedicated and VPS servers, with Linux OS that can transform the performance of the websites round the clock. Our Linux web hosting dedicated servers are capable of hosting websites as well as databases and applications for any kind and size of business. Virtual Private Hosting packages are completely flexible to fit your every business need. Cloud manages web hosting solutions are more efficient to skyrocket the success rate of your website.

Linux web hosting in India when powered with managed cloud hosting servers from Lanos Technologies. Scalable, high performing and 100 percent online available website is what you get with our sophisticated Linux cloud hosting services, designed by our talented pool of professionals. Our robust infrastructure facilitates your present and future business needs in a flexible manner.

Our Linux Web Hosting support system comprises, of expert professionals having years of experience with Linux servers and can map your entire business requirement with our top class hosting solutions. That’s why are able to resolve your issues ASAP, offering you faster servers that multifold your webhosting practice and bring more benefits for you.

Business critical issues are resolved with utmost priority and we are happy to be there for you 24 X 7. We understand what your business means to you and do our best, to make it run smoothly back on track at the earliest, with our cloud hosting servers that are specifically designed to wipe your worries.

We continuously monitor your dedicated Linux hosting server and maintain it with care with the help of our efficient Linux administrators. They make sure to keep a tab on latest security updates installed on your websites as well as resolve every technical issue at the earliest.

We offer SSH Security and configure them for your servers, offering you key based access and disabling root access as per your needs.

We configure firewalls with our Linux web hosting servers so that your websites accept essential for your websites. Through the Linux socket monitor set up you receive alerts when a new port gets opened over the server, which is a great security booster.

We install monitoring software that carries out the server monitoring process for MySQL, FTP, SSH, Server load and emails. Large log files get automatically recycled and in case server monitoring system fails to fix an issue a notification is sent to dedicated server management system for solution.

Apart from the above our dedicated Linux hosting services take care of security audits, perform email scanning for spam and viruses. Linux server security is another aspect that includes compiling the PHP version as per the clients’ need, PHP security and predefined rules, to prevent malicious attacks that can hack the server.

Lanos Technologies proudly paraded its Linux VPS hosting services to make web hosting more affordable for web owners and make their websites supercharged business boosters. Our web hosting VPSs are in real multiple virtual servers, over a single physical server that shares the resources but keeps all the VPSs completely isolated from each other.

Through Linux VPS Web Hosting, you can have so much flexibility to install your own software, change modules without paying any extra charges. Apart from that you avail the entire facilities of a dedicated server without buying or maintaining a dedicated server.

Our dual core Linux VPS come with high quality connectivity for maximum performance and allows you to install third party software applications easily and run larger websites without any difficulty. Under our VPS web hosting services you get software installation, setup, technical support, security monitoring and backups to allow better growth for the client’s business.